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Plastic bags Factory for exporting market
Nam Thai Son Group has invested in the synchronous production system from the raw material to finished product,  including modern machines with advanced technology: Blowing - Printing - Laminating - Scrolling  - Cutting and Automaticmaking bags Machine, ...  imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan,…

The machines in the production line and the equipments for quality control:

- Blowing Machine HD, Blowing Machine 3 lines,
- Printing Machine from 5 to 8 colors,
- Laminating Machine,
- Scolling Machine,
- Hemington Cutting Machine, Hot Cutting Machine, Cold Cutting Machine, Roll Cutting Machine,
- Automatic making bags Machine for multi-layer packaging,
and other testing machines,…
To ensure product quality, the company applies a quality management system ISO 9001:2008, invest testing equipments and regular training to improve skills of employees to meet all quality requirements of customers.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


Processing Department

Blowing Machine 3 lines
                                                                                                        Film Blowing Extruder
                                                                                                             Printing Machine
                                                                                  Scrolling Machine
Bag Making Machine

Drawstring Machine
Dry Laminating Machine
 Extrusion Laminating Machine
HEMINGSTONE Cutting Machine QA/QC is checking finsihed products


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