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  • Nam Thai Son Company participated in the trade fair of Thu Duc Business Association


  • Nam Thai Son company the leading export packaging in Vietnam


  • Nam Thai Son Corporation received the typical enterprise award 2018


  • The admission of new member of Nam Thai Son Corporation in 2018


Nam Thai Son company the leading export packaging in Vietnam


Not only is the company producing packaging in the Vietnamese market, Nam Thai Son is also reaching the world with the export package of thousands of tons per year, becoming a key industry in the market. Great schools like Japan, Europe, America.
The packaging company dominates the Vietnamese market
Starting from the aspirations, during the 20 years of operation, the packaging company Nam Thai Son has continuously improved its machinery and equipment to produce green products that are environmentally friendly. and trusted partners.
Nam Thái Sơn công ty bao bì xuất khẩu hàng đầu Việt Nam
As a manufacturer of packaging always committed to quality, value of products and progress for all works to increase the brand identity and image of individuals and organizations. Therefore, Nam Thai Son always hold the trust of customers in the past such as Family Mart, FPT, coop.Mart, Vietcombank ...
Nam Thai Son leading packaging company in Vietnam
Not only occupy the domestic market, Nam Thai Son Company has gradually occupied many big markets, such as Europe, Japan, USA ... thanks to the timely improvement of technology as well. Applying towards biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and safe to the user through a closed process. High quality printers make the plastic packaging look beautiful, undamaged and influenced by the outside environment. In particular, Nam Thai Son packaging company also meet all the needs of customers in terms of types, designs, materials to the design must receive the nod of the partner by the packaging has been. An effective tool to promote the brand, service closer to consumers.
Nam Thái Sơn công ty bao bì xuất khẩu hàng đầu Việt Nam
All packages made in Nam Thai Son are committed to smooth, attractive image, clear text, color, design to meet the requirements of customers. During the past years, Nam Thai Son has been constantly improving and innovating to serve the most rigorous standards of the international giants.
Nam Thai Son Packaging Company always ensures to comply with the rules that we set out, from the selection of the best materials to the production process to bring the packaging to safe with people. Use and make more positive contributions to the environment.
When there is a need to design packaging, printing high quality, Nam Thai Son packaging company is the choice that you should not ignore.

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